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Kleiner Perkins' Next Generation: Mike Abbott And Megan Quinn - Forbes

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Mike, why did you join Kleiner Perkins?

I’m pretty self aware – I know what I don’t know. So my entire career I try to surround myself with people I can learn from. So John Doerr — if you can learn from him–that’s pretty awesome or Ted Schlein. Part of my discussions before I joined was how much time would I get from John, like an apprentice almost to learn to be a great venture capitalist. I’m not doing this for fun. I’m doing this to be the best and I want to win. If you can learn from the best that’s pretty awesome.

Great article! My favorite part is the app Mike built for his daughter:

I built an iPhone app for my daughter. She’s 5. I finished it last December. I wanted to figure out if she was going to bed at 8pm or 9pm.  At 6pm the app records her face for 30 seconds and counts her eye blinks. The eye blink is a function of fatigue. It’s based on real science. Mercedes has used similar technology to determine fatigue, I found out later. But one of the things I want to be able to do now is teach her how to program.

Mike is the real deal, making real venture deals -- not chasing traction or momentum.

I really hope that approach produces a better ROI.

Me too, man, me too.

Are there any other firms or individuals you know who are taking this approach?

This is a very "unofficial" list and I'm sure to miss many folks, but when I think of investors who truly make institutional bets at the Series A level without momentum or proof of traction, I think of folks like the investors at USV, Bessemer, Foundry, Benchmark specifically:  // There are individuals at other firms, too -- too many to list here, but that doesn't mean they're in great supply.

They're definitely not in great supply.

And frankly it's easier to get traction and momentum than it is to find an investor who understands in the absence of those things.

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