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Don't Go to Grad School | LinkedIn

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"A degree makes job hunting easier.

It makes it harder. Forget the fact that you don’t need a graduate degree in the humanities to get any job in the business world. The biggest problem is that the degree makes you look unemployable. You look like you didn’t know what to do about having to enter the adult world, so you decided to prolong childhood by continuing to earn grades rather than money even though you were not actually helping yourself to earn money.

Also, you also look like you don’t really aspire to any of the jobs you are applying for. People assume you get a graduate degree because you want to work in that field. People don’t want to hire you in corporate America when it’s clear you didn’t invest all those years in grad school in order to do something like that."

Except...there are so many job listings where it straight up says MBA/Master's PhD/JD required. 

Really, I'm sick and tired of seeing people discourage others from getting any sort of higher education. Ultimately, it feels like those without degrees will be lamenting their lack of opportunities, and those with them will bemoan their lack of cash because of the opportunity they had to go to school, and everyone's overlooking the elephant in the room: nothing in life is guaranteed (except for death). and navel gazing and complaining isn't going to fix anything. 

I think you're right, Liz. More education is not a bad thing.

The EXPENSE of education has gotten ridiculously high, which has caused people to question the cost.

But the value of education -- especially learning how to read, write, and communicate -- I have no question about.

I might have spent too long in grad school but I have no doubt that grad school is a good thing.