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wheelkids - Day Camps

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I don't have kids, but if I did I'd want to send them to this day camp that promotes independence through cycling! Bikes were definitely a promoter of independence when I was a kid, it's cool that some people still appreciate that as a value for kids.

That picture shows them slingshotting, which I believe has nothing to do with biking.

Am I wrong?

They bike to and from cool activities.

Bikes plus activities like slingshots does sound very cool.

My kid is going to wheelcamp in a couple of weeks...I'll report back.

It'll be hard to compete with his "regular" school,, where his "class" did an overnight ride, 68 miles round-trip, up the coast. They also built a rickshaw. (The class gave me a ride in it--most excitingly awesome thing I've done in years!)

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