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Repair Your Reality After Gaslighting - Sundown Healing Arts

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Danielle, this sounds awful:

In the movie Gaslight, Gregory sets out to convince his wife Paula that she is insane. He secretly removes items from their home and tells her she did it. He isolates her from others. He uses her growing distress to "prove" she is unstable. When she notices the gas lights in their home dim and flicker, he assures her she is imagining things.

The term gaslighting is now used to describe psychological abuse that attempts to destroy the victims' trust in their perceptions of reality. People who distrust their perceptions are easier to manipulate and control.

I know it Adam, I've seen it happen more than once unfortunately. It's not only abusers & the military that use it. And while I agree there is a need for citizen involvement, I can't say I agree with this method for local governments. However I imagine it is much less abusive than when it's a loved one lighting the flame.

No one can hurt us like the people we love.

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