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Macklemore. Snacklemore. Fighting Plaquelemore. Jetpacklemore. Asthma Attacklemore.

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Him with a crack pipe: "Cracklemore". Him laughing evily "cacklemore". Him gone: "Lacklemore". Getting tackled with a football: "Sacklemore"

Becomes a duck: Quacklemore

Fixing a hole in the wall: Spacklemore.

Tic-Tacklemore. Every singer needs a fresh mouth.

In handcuffs: Shacklemore.

Has a baby with Wolverine - Hugh Jacklemore

In the middle east: Iraqlemore. Playing tetris: Stacklemore. Him as an oil exec: Fracklemore...ok i know its a stretch. I'll leave

Fishing: Tacklemore.

Needs to put stuff on his walls? Thumb-tacklemore. Grows boobs, Dat Racklemore

Stars in Kazaam: Shaqlemore

This is whacklemore.

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