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Our Coffee Rituals Say Much About Us -

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I drink way too much coffee. It's true. But our coffee habits really do say a lot about us, don't they?

They do. I've never been able to get into coffee. I wonder why.

Because you have fountain diet coke.

Yuck, yuck, yuck diet coke...but do you really have a fountain, because that's so West-Coast cool. Totally another reason for me to think about picking up and moving....I need, maybe, two or three more. 

Actually, I prefer tea.

For some people, though, that daily contact with a friendly store owner or cashier can tip the balance toward making their workday happier and maybe a little less lonely. That has value, too.

Loneliness has been linked to cognitive decline, so workers who banter with their barista or take coffee breaks together are actually doing a service to their organization. Social bonds that result from daily interactions among co-workers can lead to greater collaboration. Well-designed beverage areas in the workplace have actually been found to improve productivity.

This is true. I bought a Keurig, put it on a table in my room. It may well be the only time I see some of my colleagues. I keep the area stocked--coffee, agave, tea, sometimes snacks, creamer--put it under the "happiness" budget.  

What kind of tea?

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