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What It's Like to Attend a Game in England’s Premier League

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You think NFL fans are rude, drunk, and disgusting? Visit England and recognize.

β€œI have only had 11 beers so far,” he said. β€œI met my mates at a bar at 8 in the morning and had a bacon and egg sandwich and four pints of cider,” cider being an alcoholic drink here. β€œOn the train, I had a few more. Then I had six in a bar when I got here, and a couple at halftime.”

4 pints + "a few more" + 6 in a bar + "a couple" = 11 ?!?!?

I think the 4 pints of cider don't count in this guy's mind.

4 pints of cider AND THEN 11 beers?! That guy must have a bladder of steel!!

I need to pick a team.

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