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Is it wrong of me to long for a day when intellectual snobbery goes away?

Is your challenge with them that they're too intellectual or too snobby?

Adam, I'd say it seems to be the case when I run into these folks that they're snobby because they're intellectual. Any doubt of their inherently superior brainpower can be justified with two year old logic: I went there, so I am better!

One the one hand, I can kind of see it, brilliant minds just tend to shine in a similar way that tall people just sort of stand out in a crowd.

But on the other hand, being "smart" is something that you can kind of control, if you feel inclined to do so, because the information's out there.

I dunno, I just always hope intelligent people would be smart enough to avoid the trap of differentiating themselves from others on what are clearly superficial dividers, because at the end of the day we're all people. Maybe it's just too much for me to hope that everyone's capable of intellectual curiosity if it's not smashed out of them by society?

I can't figure out what this site is or why you'd want to hang out with these people? And most importantly, why did you stash it to PandaWhale!??!?!

JP, it's kinda like a dating site but kinds like a club, and I probably want to hang out with these people precisely because they wouldn't want to hang out with me.

I stashed it because it exists, and I want to see how long it does.

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