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Aesthetic Surgery: Crystal Gayle - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Source: YouTube Video

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AT VC in the OC yesterday, I struck up a conversation yesterday with the guy at the demo table next to me.  His company, Stroma, does a ophthalmology surgery using pigment that allows people to change eye colors.  Brown to blue is the most common, but green, purple, and others could be very popular.  

I asked him how often you could do it, aka change several times a day with your outfit, but while it's a 15 second procedure, it's only been done on 17 people so far and only once per person, thus they are waiting for their FDA approval. 

He said most people's initial reaction is horror, their next reaction is concern for safety, their third reaction is fascination. 


Surgery to change eye color seems... Unnecessarily dangerous, no?

Or a really cheap way to get a really valuable photo of the year without contacts!


That's photoshopped, right?

Nope, national geographic photo of the year for 1985.

Wow. Sometimes art imitates photoshop.

Hello Kitty contact lenses?! Wow!

Wow, really?!

According to ophthalmologists, we all have blue eyes below our brown eyes, under a thin layer of pigment.

A California company has now developed a laser treatment that disturbs the melanin in the pigmented part of the eye and causes the body to eliminate it over time. The procedure only lasts seconds, but it may take weeks before the blue tint emerges.

This laser treatment is not available here in the U.S. yet, but has been tested overseas with success. Researchers claim it is safe but have to conduct more clinical trials before they can apply for FDA approval. Some ophthalmologists are concerned that tampering with pigment could cause blockages and increase pressure in the eyes.

The procedure is expected to cost around $5,000.

I had spoken with the guys from the company early on, but it looks like they are getting some news coverage now.  That story is from yesterday.

Very cool, I hope they get approval. 

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