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ESPN LeBron being LeBron -- Rick Reilly

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But I think the reason you hate LeBron James the most is that he just doesn't seem to suffer his failures as much as you'd like him to. You want him to brood like Kobe after losses, glare like Jordan when things don't go his way, scream at teammates like Tom Brady when they're behind.

That's not James. His spirit is too light. He's too much fun. He's a 6-foot-8 pixie, a 27-year-old kid who's addicted to kidding. He's a genuinely sweet person. You think of the great athletes of our generation -- Jordan, Woods, Lance Armstrong. They all had a bit of the jerk gene in them. James is missing it. He is loved by his teammates, not feared.

I was disappointed that he left Cleveland, a city that was very good to him.

I was disappointed that he pushed for a Heat team with a few superstar friends on it, instead of focusing on team first.

But I don't hate LeBron. He's fun to watch and great for the NBA.

I hope he gets his championship, but if he has to work for it a few more years, that's cool by me.

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