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Crazy Dutchman Wants to Fly 4 Stout Men to Mars in a Spaceship

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I don't get the impression that these poor souls will be coming back.

And they won't be starting families on the red planet, since their children would be sterile anyway.

From the article:

The idea is to first send rovers, which will stake out a good site for a settlement and then build out living units. In 2022, the crew will take a "transit habitat" for the seven-month trip to Mars and settle in to their new home. The intention is that the crew will live on the planet for the rest of their lives. Every two years after that, another group will join the settlement to populate the colony.

My prediction: they never reach their destination, and instead spend an eternity wandering the devil's dark void as punishment for their hubris. Their shuttle becomes a ghost ship, drifting on the sea of space and frightening space travelers for years to come.

The good news is that the story will make a fantastic movie.


cm-8140-04fcece9295e1f.jpeg cm-8140-14fcece931c429.jpeg

...the very next day, Ray Bradbury (author of The Martian Chronicles) dies:

Coincidence? Or foul play?

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