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Why Google's Idea to Get Technology 'Out of the Way' Is Short-Sighted

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Isn't the real problem honing our focus, rather than trying to drink more from the experiential firehose? 

Yes! She makes a great point:

Today, the popular idea that our devices should fade into the background -- exemplified by Google's aim to get technology 'out of the way' via its Google Glass -- is alarming. As I told the Huffington Post's Bianca Bosker in a recent interview, if technology becomes invisible to us, we risk losing sight of how it shapes us, for good and for ill. We will stop noticing the 'Google effect' -- the complacency we show while searching online -- and we will sadly keep assuming that Facebook-style template identities can express our whole enigmatic selves.

We can't see our devices and their torrents of information anew each moment. Our tools invariably will fade into the background of our lives. (While reading a book, I see its content, not the print technology I hold in hand.) But we must sometimes step back and try to comprehend how new, powerful digital technologies influence us, as well as what they deliver to our minds. Waking up to the world is a two-fold responsibility: seeing, then understanding. If we don't manage to do this with our digital and earthly habitats, we will be abdicating a role in the making of our future.

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