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Chinese bid for Smithfield latest in line of heavily scrutinised China-US deals | World news |

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Hmm, yes very complex/complicated.  And that means less Pork for Americans!

And, by extension, less bacon!  Yes, that was intentional!

<At the end of April research group Rhodium noted that Chinese companies have spent more on US deals in the last 15 months than they have in the previous 11 years.> 

Yes, that is the key line.

I think the last comment is a bit judgmental though (and now I can't un-recommend it... :[ ). Since, you know, I'm Chinese and grew up with Chinese food. But I suppose "manufactured" food is a valid recipient of that disdain.  You think it's hard to label GMO food in the USA?  

Except where do you think all your ramen has come from? and chicken meat. and shitake mushroom.

Meanwhile: SF Restaurant forced to close over...Bacon

Peace (Piece) Offering:  Bacon Apple Pie


touche, sir.  heh.  that looks cumbersome to cut into.  now I need to find a funny Chinese bacon object to counter (we/they do have our/their own bacon aka pork belly)

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