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Epic Tech Fail Day Summary | The Tempered Radical

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Love this--Bill Ferriter set up "Epic Tech Fail Day" to help people become more willing to take chances and more resilient in employing tech in the classroom. 

Regarding getting tech into classrooms, does help?

No. None of those helps. There is so much red tape involved even in accepting donations at my school.

Also, it's embarrassing to me to have to beg for donations and funding for my classroom. Work should supply that which you need to get the job done. My first years in the classroom, I literally put myself and family in debt by thousands. No more. If it's not deemed important enough for my students, I'm not begging. But I will be creative.

That's why I set out to design my own classroom tech plan to be independent. I used the WP blog, Learnist and Twitter. I wanted apps that would be mobile and independent of whatever tech infrastructure I didn't have.

There's so much out there that's mobile and free for students and teachers, I don't have to be held hostage or beg you to fund my classroom anymore...and it's all simple. Next year, I'll add a couple more things to that list. 

But there's nothing turnkey so every teacher has to learn how to do this independently?

No. No standard except there's no standard. There are so many policies. Rules. Blocks. It's what we've been working on in RU... Not only matching up the educators and the entrepreneurs to get better stuff in the classroom, but if I have my way a statewide BYOD or tech policy.. 

Geez. Education is like navigating a giant maze.

Every time I see an iPhone, even if it's googling the answer to my question on, I am breaking a rule. Students have paper agendas. When I tell them to pull out their calendars and calendar in my exam, I am breaking a rule. I taught kid how to dictate essays in near-MLA format using Siri (he's super articulate, but doesn't physically write well), you guessed it...a rule. There are schools all over this dartboard from 1:1, highly tech, to schools that barely have anything... 

RE: "Maze..." Less maze and more Soviet bureaucracy at times:) I'm hoping to see this change over time.

I remember back in elementary school when we had to have a permission slip whenever the teacher wanted to do something on a computer... and of course there was only one in the entire building.. lol

I have one permission slip. It has the mega-disclaimer in it X,Y,Z, or any other item that may possibly be related to instruction, up to and including but not limited to activities not mentioned here..." I have to do better at filing them though. 

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