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Save ALL the Africans!

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via @OmidyarNetwork

I've personally always found those "let's save the African children" types to be rather annoying, and even patronizing at times.

There are many great lines in the article. The following is perhaps my favorite excerpt:

You are a child of the human rights age. A post-cold war child. In this age, which has no ideology, brown and black places are flat issues: how far from gay freedom is (fill in African country)? In this age, all local knowledge is carried by aid organisations. These organisations speak human rights, and because they do so, we know that they are good, objective and truthful. So, if a foreign correspondent needs to know what exactly is going on in Sudan, their weekly lunch with the Oxfamy guy will identify the most urgent issues.

"There are five or six places that have not been fully pacified inside the vision of the world as run by the victors of the cold war..."

Wow, the author's got a sharp tongue.

Save ALL the Africans!


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