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Taco map of Mexico

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Drop some knowledge on that tortilla, ese!

Sorry, why is there a dog next to the cow and pig in the bottom left???

<awkward silence>

You can say that again!

Ooooh, those are BURRITOS in the upper right corner ..... 

Are burritos a type of taco or are tacos a type of burrito?

An opinion:

Note that "taco" and "burrito" are not necessarily the same thing north and south of the Rio Grande; the basic formula may apply but what you get may be widely varied and possibly unrecognizable as one or the other. What everyone above are describing are the American conventions. In Mexico a hard-shelled taco is unseen; a soft corn tortilla with meat, veggies and other ingredients like guacamole and/or salsa is what you will get in Mexico. A burrito in Mexico is essentially just an extra-large taco with a flour tortilla instead of corn (large corn tortillas tend not to hold up too well).

Yeah, they have the same ingredients, so the distinction is truly unclear.

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