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Mount Your Knives to the Wall with Hard Drive Magnets

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Putting the hacks in life hacks.

Brilliant! And green...

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. and No.  Only do this if you don't care about the lifespan of your steel. Magnetizing steel weakens it and makes it brittle, causing blades to dull faster and more likely to shatter.

Wait, wait, wait!  So, regarding the MAN of Steel, Kryptonite is not necessary?!

All joking aside, I had no idea.  Thanks! I keep my knives in a drawer, not touching each other, on a towel, and was thinking of upgrading to a magnet.   Why do we see so many TV chefs with magnets?

Many reasons:

1. It keeps your knives from banging into each other, so they stay sharper.

2. It makes it easy to choose the knife you want to use since they're all on display.

3. It looks cool! Presentation is very important to chefs.

They're also professionals who don't think twice about spending a few grand for a new set every couple years....

And if they're on TV, it's probably provided to them free.

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