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Game of Thrones Red Wedding season 3 episode 9 "The Rains of Castamere" gifs and memes

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Talk about your Wedding Crashers.

Sheesh, Walder Frey and Roose Bolton. Way to ruin it for everyone!

game of thrones wedding crashers walder frey roose bolton

george r.r. martin standing in front of his artificial lake filled with the tears of book readers

George R.R. Martin have a favorite character? not anymore... Game of Thrones 3.09

game of thrones catelyn stark 3.09 rains of castamere

george r.r. martin this is what pain feels like mother fuckers game of thrones

Red Wedding WTF George Martin?!

"Just as you grieve if a friend is killed, you should grieve if a fictional character is killed. You should care. If somebody dies and you just go get more popcorn, it’s a superficial experience isn’t it?"

See also:


"The Red Wedding is a necessary moment for the longevity of the series, a truly stunning turn of events that throws viewers off balance once more, making us wonder who will be the next character to face death and leading us to question whether anyone on Game of Thrones has any chance at long-term survival. As terrible as it is to lose Madden’s Robb and Fairley’s Catelyn—whose final moments are alight with the fire and gritty determination that we’ve come to expect from her—those deaths count toward raising the narrative stakes. They’re every bit as important and vital as Ned’s death or the blade slicing downward on the sword hand of Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). They’re permanent and palpable signs of the frailty of human life of the transitory nature of all living things. And, most important, these moments will reverberate sharply through Game of Thrones, for they remind us that, though this game may have rules, those rules can and will be broken."

george rr martin because fuck you thats why [S3E9] Like many, I find myself asking "WHY?!" I guess the man himself has the answer. - Imgur

[S3E9] Understatement of the year - Imgur


[SPOILER S03E09] Noticed this while rewatching the episode. The irony hurts. - Imgur

The Feels:

[S3E9 Possible Spoiler] Even though I read the book a year ago, the feels still got me in this scene! - Imgur

[S03 E09] This face says it all. Heartbreaking. - Imgur

[Season 3 Episode 9 spoilers] How I felt immediately after the episode and after rewatching it today - Imgur

Cat stark shw tem how it feels to lose what they love [S03E09 SPOILER] As someone who read the books, HBO showed TV fans exactly what Catelynn meant when she said that. - Imgur

[S3E9 Spoiler] A moment before the most terrifying scene in the series. - Imgur

I guess we had a little foreshadowing:

[S03E09] Neat foreshadowing from beginning of the episode, when Robb and Catelyn are reviewing the battlemap - Imgur

Jon Snow really does know nothing.

Jon Snow you Starks are hard to kill - game of thrones [S3E9] He really does know nothing - Imgur

[Spoilers all] Once again, she was right. - Imgur

Let me stand first. Let me go with a bit of dignity.

Let me stand first. Let me go with a bit of dignity. [S03E09 SPOILERS] A bit of dignity - Imgur

When the war was lost:

[S03E09 Spoiler] This guy knew it all along. - Imgur

The moral of the story? Listen to your mother!

Game of Thrones meme S3E9 Moral of the story listen to your mother

The wine really did flow red and the music really did play loud with Lannister themes.

Thanks a whole lot, Walder Frey:

annoyed picard meme game of thrones wtf

Game of Thrones red wedding I'm in a glass case of emotion

tumblr_mnsvwiJkQp1s33w0co1_250.gif tumblr_mnsvwiJkQp1s33w0co2_250.gif tumblr_mnsvwiJkQp1s33w0co3_250.gif

tumblr_mnsvwiJkQp1s33w0co4_250.gif tumblr_mnsvwiJkQp1s33w0co5_250.gif

Us watching the latest Game of Thrones :(

Grumpy Cat Game of Thrones [S3E9] After tonight's episode, I think we can all agree... - Imgur

Help me jon snow youre my only hope - game of thrones Only Person I care about now - Imgur

[S3E9] [Spoilers] Life is not a song. - Imgur

Alexandra Dowling Roslin Frey game of thrones - Imgur

Ever wonder why George RR Martin doesn't use twitter? - Imgur

Scumbag George rr martin

Game of thrones 3.09 meme named after Sean bean dies immediately

Grumpy cat game of thrones spoiler alert everyone dies

Condescending Wonka George RR Martin meme Game of Thrones Stay away from this guy's chocolate factory. - Imgur

Scumbag GRRM meme What do we say to the God of death? Today.

Scumbag GRRM meme

Robb Stark and his direwolf Grey Wind

Game of Thrones Robb Stark Talisa 3.09 rains of castamere

Game of Thrones 3.09 rains of castamere they even killed the wolf

arya stark anyone can be killed [Spoilers - Season 3] My favorite bit of foreshadowing for tonight's episode... Did Arya plant the idea that set in motion the events of tonight's wedding? - Imgur

Seriously, Arya, did you HAVE to give Tywin that idea?

Oh! I see what you did there...

[S3.E09 Spoiler/Speculation] Foreshadowing anyone? - Imgur

Lucky for Arya she has The Hound!

[Minor S3E9 Spoilers] The Hound: His Mission is to Protect You - Imgur

Roose Bolton face gif

game of thrones roose bolton rage and joy looked much the same

Bolton The Lannisters Send Their Regards Game of Thrones 3.09 Rains of Castamere

Billy Idol red wedding gif Nice day for a.... - Imgur

Robb stark soon gif

Game of Thrones: book readers vs. non-book readers (last night's episode edition) - Imgur

On that last gif:

imgur: the simple image sharer

On the Red Wedding:

Red Wedding book Game of Thrones meme [s3e9 Spoilers] I think most readers can agree - Imgur

The Stark Minivan after The Red Wedding:

Red Wedding star wars meme How to explain the significance of RW to those unfamiliar with Game of Thrones (possible spoilers) - Imgur

"The Northerners will never forget..."

tyrion lannister the viewers will never forget (S03E09 Spoiler) "The Northerners will never forget" [FIXED] - Imgur

if you think this has a happy ending then you havent been paying attention [s3e9 Spoilers] For everyone crying, you should've taken this advice a little more seriously. - Imgur

Actually, we're nowhere close to an ending...

Game of Thrones books How far the HBO show has come as of S3E9 - Imgur

...because there are at least two more books after A Dance with Dragons!

Northerners will never forget Game of Thrones [Season 3 Ep09+10 Spoilers] No... that they will not. - Imgur

06/02/2013. Never forget. Never forgive. - Imgur

The North Remembers Game of Thrones Wallpaper

Game of Thrones Red Wedding don't worry we will find out everything's alright in the season finale [S3E9] Just like last time. - Imgur

Not bloody likely. This is more like S1 EP9.

However, there will likely be a twist. Wait for it...

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