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youth dislike GOP

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Party of Lincoln? No, party of Lexus:

Younger voters don’t buy Republican dogma that lowering taxes on rich people will generate jobs and help everyone. In a survey conducted for the group in March, 54 percent of young voters said that “taxes should go up on the wealthy,” while only 31 percent said “taxes should be cut for everyone.”

Noting that many young Americans reported putting off marrying or having children because of the state of the economy, the report said: “It is extraordinarily important for Republicans to have a plan that can grow the economy and that ultimately allows young people to make these choices about family and home on their own terms.”

The most damning conclusions lay in the survey’s examination of how people view the two major parties in terms of broad attributes. For Democrats, young voters chose “tolerant,” “diverse” and “open-minded,” while for Republicans they often chose “rich” and “religious.”

And we haven't even gotten into the fact that the majority of young Americans favor legalizing gay marriage and marijuana, ending the drug war, and keeping abortion legal.

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