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Bill Gates and VCs invest $35M in ResearchGate to 'open source' science

Bill Gates and VCs invest $35M in ResearchGate to 'open source' science
11:35 PM Jun 04 2013

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Why would scientists give up their competitive advantage over each other?

Madisch wants scientists to publish raw data from their research on ResearchGate, including “positive results” that match their hypotheses as well as “negative results” that don’t. Scientists could also get feedback in real-time to their research, instead of waiting months or years for research to be published in top journals. It’s the type of mindset that open source programmers use, but is still nascent in other fields of science. “We want to change how scientists think about research,” Madisch says. “We want to be the leader in open science–like open source.”

It's a good question.  I guess same reason that computer scientists "give away" their programs in the open source???  They could help each other and actually make it more likely that their material would eventially would get published in journals.

Bill Gates first reaction when he heard about open source and the Apache Software Foundation as intellectual property socialism. 

It's amazing how time has changed that man. Now he is far more collaborative than he used to be.

The Public Library of Science, based in San Francisco, is open source by philosophy, and has been so for a while.  Gates, uhh the same one who invested with Rockefeller in an ultra secret Seed Bank?

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