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Kill Screen explains the new Xbox One

The new Xbox isn't for you. It's for everyone. - Kill Screen

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This doesn't sound good: "For gamers who’ve stood by the console and championed its game playing abilities for more than decade, this may seem like a kick in the stomach. As Don Draper said of a client in this season’s Mad Men, “Sometimes you have to dance with the one you came with.” And just as that proved false for the duplicitous ad men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, so is Microsoft surreptitiously abandoning the frenzied masses who came to Xbox for one thing: games."

there is time before Christmas buying season to fix this, but talk about digging oneself out of a hole

Yeah, no kidding. It's like Microsoft is TRYING to lose market share.

well they fired Roth for his twitter comments/jokes about the non-coastal Americans...I wonder who is getting fired for this

Geez. What is wrong with them???

"Pitchfork doesn’t review the iPod. Film critics cover 3D movies but don’t review 3D projectors. Consoles are conduits to creators, not centers of culture themselves." This was my favorite line of the article. In the end which console people pick will come down to pricing and how much they like Halo. Fingers crossed Sega announces Dreamcast 2 this E3... with Shenmue III and Jet Set Radio sequel as launch titles.

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