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Alabama teen denied diploma, fined $1000 for wearing feather at graduation

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This story is worth a read. I bet someone out there will give this girl the money to pay the fine and some extra for college. I get the dress code thing but I also get the fact that common sense and reason must prevail. If standing there with a stack of diplomas, I saw a student who had achieved the graduation requirements in front of me with...a feather...I'd have given her the diploma and said "congrats." If the dress code is that important, take her aside and say that. "How can we include your heritage in a way that is acceptable?" My guess is that it's being left out--maybe a song, traditional tribute some art--everyone who wants to be included can be given proper effort on all sides.

She's probably got a pretty good lawsuit and the school will cave faster than anything.  Not sure how the story related to social justice though.

Greg, agreed. There's no social justice here.

Well, I was thinking along the lines of chronically underrepresented groups in education. Not in terms of a single feather. When it gets to the point that a single feather interrupts into protests like this, there has probably been some oversight or social justice issues along the way. That was my logic. 

I see. That makes sense, Dawn.

It's easy to overlook--what seems like a simple ceremony is probably the voice of the majority. In the case of the Native American population, you have a whole history of educational genocide. I don't really know the particulars of this particular school, leading up to this particular protest, but in my experience, protests are bottled up issues... This would be like saying "Those kids sitting at the counter at Woolworth's were just getting a hamburger." They were not. I'd say that civil rights in any sector is social justice, whether it was Gandhi's salt march, someone trying to pay tomato workers and extra dime a pound, fair trade products or including the disenfranchised. 

Here are a couple of links about the Native American educational experience in history.It shows intentional cultural genocide.  Pretty heartwrenching:

Oh wow. Heartbreaking.

Go to any big (diverse) university's graduation and you see ethnic dress on display with pride. pretty lamerss 

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