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If companies are too serious they’re boring. If they’re too social then we're headed for the next bubble. ~Danielle Morrill

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Danielle Morrill summarizes the overall sentiment from people attending the YCombinator Demo Day in June 2013:

The Wall Street Journal summarized the sentiment:

founders are tackling “boring” problems that generate cash

Founders risk everything, move across the country or further, endure endless stress, damage relationships, sacrifice their health and pour their every waking moment into creating something people want — and they’re rewarded with a yawn.

If companies are too serious they’re boring, and if they’re too social then they’re fluffy and we’re headed for the next bubble. Fuck that noise.

By the way, angels and venture capitalists aren't just saying this about YCombinator companies.

They're saying this about ALL startups in Silicon Valley right now, it seems.

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