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You don't have to hit the bulls-eye. Just get the dart on the board. ~Elisabeth Moss

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Advice from Jane Campion on how to handle auditions.

Elisabeth Moss recently appeared in a miniseries called Top of the Lake created and written by... Jane Campion.

Yes, great advice!  I'll try to remember that.  Kind of takes the pressure off, doesn't it?

Yes, and when the pressure is off we tend to relax and just do our best.

Exactly.  Gee, I wish my mother had told me that, instead of telling me how terribly disappointed she was in me when I didn't get an A.

She didn't realize what a disservice she was doing to you.

Yes, that's a very compassionate view.  And although I do have a lot of compassion for my mother and how much she suffered (and truly meant well), I can't help help but also note that the Family Life literature refers to such parents and their parenting style as "ego-involved."  It's very unfortunate for all parties concerned, not to mention the damage it does to your society and its individuals, as we can plainly see.

Yes. And it is kind of you to have compassion for her despite that disservice she was doing to you.

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