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Microsoft and DNT | krux

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Plug: My boss at Krux wrote this. But I think it's pretty good stuff when it comes to how consumer data should be managed online, and insights on happened with Microsoft and IE 10.

Who does Do Not Track hurt most?

The companies that make money through targeted advertising: Google, Facebook, Blogs.

However, I didn't realize this:

What's frequently missed in the brouhaha around DNT is that even if DNT=True is the default browser setting, it doesn't mean much unless websites on the other side respect it. Unless a website decides not to serve an ad tag for users where DNT is turned on, we should not expect publisher ad revenue (or Google, for that matter) to be hugely affected in the short term at least.

So basically, Google and Facebook will ignore this, and Microsoft gets the goodwill of having implemented it even though it really doesn't affect their revenue streams at all.

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