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Baseball Interception at a Kansas City Royals game ...

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Lady in the back is all like the guy from A Better Tomorrow II...

chewing asian thumbs up gif cereal a better tomorrow ii


Chewing Lady Baseball KC Royals gif

Put them together...

thumbs up gif chewing asian guy baseball lady gif

What do we have?

brent rambo gif MRW I see a good post on Reddit - Imgur


I could watch this for hours - Imgur

That's worthy of an upvote...

hot babe baseball interception upvote gif

Oh no! The kid intercepted that, too!

Baseball interception upvote repost oc gif Re-posting gets the glory again! - Imgur

Baseball interception deal with it gif Looks like you missed (by popular request) - Imgur

Baseball interception deal with it gif

I get the impression this is the boyfriend's last laugh that day:

imgur: the simple image sharer

So of course on Reddit /u/rexrox had to Photoshop it:

imgur: the simple image sharer

So angry!

imgur: the simple image sharer

More on this story from Bleacher Report:

Video is better than the gif because of the announcers:

The lady seems like a good sport about it.

At least she didn't steal it out of the kid's hands:

guy on the right going for the imaginary fist bump not once, but twice.

Ha! That's true.

By the way, in reverse this is like the worst magic trick EVER:

imgur: the simple image sharer

I just love her "Come to mama" expression, so full of hope .....

We've all been there, only to have our hopes snatched away by some kid.

Baseball interception soon meme


This thread keeps getting better, doesn't it?

It really does!  :)


Baseball upvote downvote gif Just when you think your post will make it out of the /new queue - Imgur

Just when you think ...... nooooooooooooooooo

Baseball is kind of like that.

Many more "Om Nom Nom" gifs:

By the way, Astros fans are even worse than Royals fans:

This page never gets old.

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