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5 Keys To Building A Business That Doesn't Bury The Humans At Its Core | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

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You might argue that the notion of a human business is a category error. Organizations are bureaucracies at their core, and it is hard to think of any formalized collective human endeavor, and especially any business, as being free of rules, structures, and processes. After all, these factors are what ultimately makes corporations (and nonprofits alike) reliable and trustworthy, and grants them their authority. Consequently, there appears to be a fundamental chasm between individual human behavior--which is expansive and multifaceted, ranging from the rational to the wildly irrational, sentimental, and unpredictable--and the design of organizations: rational, practical, results oriented, and engineered to perform consistently.

And yet, companies are made up of people who are loving, caring, generous, forgiving, and wildly creative at their best, and incoherent, inconsistent, moody, selfish, arrogant, aggressive--and yes, even violent at their worst (not coincidentally, the corporation, when contextualized as a “person,” has been diagnosed a psychopath in a popular 2004 documentary film). Inarguably, every corporation under the sun (well, maybe except for Foxconn’s ) is made of and run by humans, and quintessentially based on human relationships. So how can any enterprise not be human?

This article gets it right. Culture is key.

OMG, soylent green is made of people!

It's insane to think of business as anything else... yet we do.

Reminds me of Jesse Schell's Kick ASS preso on organizations

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