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Salesforce Acquires!!!

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25R1I60.png(via: a visit to the homepage)ARGH!! I actually use (in fact I've been using the bookmarklet all day) - Superior to Pinterest (cmon guys - TEXT capture...), Quicker and simpler than Evernote... 

Salesforce eats everything!  

At least Lastpass took over Xmarks.

"Our murderers' row of investors bet on us, opened numerous doors, and cheered us on the whole time. Thank you to Acequia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Atlas Accelerator, Betaworks, Blake Krikorian, Code Holding, Crunch Fund, DFJ, First Round Capital, Founders Co-op, Index Ventures, Kevin Johnson, Scientia LTD, SV Angel, Ted Meisel, Tentpole Ventures, Vast Ventures and Vivi Nevo."

Did they at least let you export your data before deleting the app?

not sure if they're creating a verbatim offline archive of clips that retain the design UI, or exporting into a file... will update.

Thanks, please let me know. I'm curious.

So yes, they basically export your archive of clips into a standalone html folder, like when you "Save as html":


Meanwhile, as I've hinted with the bg image, I'm going to try out Mammoth, esp since it seems cool that it's in private beta and Clipboard users get the expedited hook up.  

But yeah, I actually really like Clipboard and am sorry to see it go.  But hey, we adapt.

ACTUALLY... I might get into KEEEB instead, now that I've peeped the design and some other feedback from clipboard users.


via clipboard announcement > comments -

Interesting to me that people compare KEEEB as the new kid on the block, where Clipboard was the established veteran.  I do want something non-Pinterest for particular reasons, and to me KEEEB has a new school, non-mainstream x feel (<< check those out).

And this is where you get the sense that I definitely have a brand attachment/identity association when it even comes to web apps/services (which is entirely consistent overall, no?  ie. Macbook Air vs Asus Zenbook vs a clunky Lenovo.... JewelWorld vs Candy Crush Saga... same shit, nicer toilets)


Keeeb takes the fun aspect from Pinterest, being able to clip photos, videos and what Pinterest is not able to do text snippets and presenting the content in the grid-based Pinterest-style layout,” said Dieter Petereit.

Others, were a bit skeptical of Keeeb's capabilities, but still found it useful.

It's certainly not as powerful as something like Evernote, and I wouldn't trust it with really important data, but for quick research projects or for a semi-private pin board of cool photos, Keeeb is definitely worth adding to your menu bar,” said Shep McAllister.

No offense, but Pandawhale needs to come up on the UI front.  :/

yeah i've already discovered cool stuff, stashed, and shared out to other networks.  mad simple.  Keeeb is like: Minus, Pinterest in regards to tile-based discovery/sharing.  Still have yet to test clipping my own desired content in earnest.BIG POINTS: Keeeb has a series of interviews called High Five, and they are legit in focus.  I really like this.  

No offense taken. Keeeb seems good but I'm not convinced the Minus / Pinterest layout is good for all kinds of content. It's good for images but with text and animated gifs it's awful. So, still experimenting.

I agree.  The main reason why I used Clipboard was for its text capture.  Though why would a layout good for images be bad for gifs?  

I kind of liked the way was laid out in stream, though it's not so different than the column view that Pandawhale has.  I remember laughing so hard when I spent time on there.  And the drag-n-drop badge movement is actually really clean. heh:

AND, I totally forgot about  Have you messed with?  They've taken more of a "made-for-brands&companies" approach, building in a marketing/analytics viewpoint.  My friend designed branding+identity elements for them prior to emerging out of Beta.  

Bolt was great but it's gone now right?

I liked how was laid out in stream, too.

Grid layout is bad for gifs because all the movement is disconcerting.

Yeah I just tried to access and mess around, but the domain is dead. hasn't been active since March.  I guess it didn't work out.

I figured that's what you meant, about a page grid full of gifs.  it also taxes your load time and browser.  Have you ever scrolled your Tumblr dashboard (with auto advance turned on) down through 100+ image posts and then tried to Pin something?  yeah...

Precisely! That's the problem. We're experimenting with solutions.

Even if it takes us longer, it's worth it to spend time figuring it out.

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