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▶ Greatest Hit of the Week | joshua jesty

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really good

This guy?


This guy?

all the same guy.  yay Joshua Jesty

Did you know he's on LinkedIn?

And that he has a blog?

He sounds a little down.

There's almost always a little sadness in comedy.

His lyrics spoke to me.  :)

What did they say?

You are a way out, you are a sweet disaster.  I, of course, read a lot into that.  That's what happens with obscure lyrics.

What did you read into it?

That the singer is infatuated with the drama of a "sweet disaster" and uses her to escape the unhappy cicumstances of his current relationship. 

Geege, you should listen to the rest of Joshua's collection.  I hope he not only spoke to you but you enjoyed his song.  His music is really good and sometimes out there (also a good thing).  

Jared, I'm gonna!  I liked the music as well as the lyrics. Thanks for the pointer!

Merci!!   (He lives with his rabbit, Hazel.)

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