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What technology exists that most people probably don't know about & would totally blow their minds? : AskReddit

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Holy smokes:

Mind controlled robot limb operations. They're now being used to help paraplegics or those without arms gain a control of robotic limbs without any input other than the subconscious effort to move a limb as a normal person would.

The technology is being perfected as we speak and those robotic limbs will soon grant users the sense of touch and temperature.

60 Minutes video:

Adam, I witnessed two awesome demos by hobbyist Aaron Thomen who is looking to incorporate his technology that makes music with brainwaves    to control this DIY $200 robotic hand

Wow. Dennis, I've never seen anything like that before!

Me neither, Adam.  Mindblowing stuff indeed. What's even more awesome is he makes details of his projects available to DIY'ers who are interested in making their own.  

Via video or on a website somewhere?

They are available via his websites and   

Holy smokes:

NASA is making a plasma propulsion engine (VASIMR) which would make the trip to Mars a matter of weeks instead of months and will be tested in space onboard the ISS next year!

Also, they are performing lab tests that involve trying to create a modified Alcubierre FTL warp drive.

Read more:


ALPR cameras. Most people are probably aware that a lot of police cars have automatic plate-reading cameras, but they don't realize just how much information they collect. Every single license plate that is seen by the cameras, whether the car is moving or not, is stored in a database with its time and GPS coordinates. Then you can look up every instance of when a particular plate was seen by any ALPR camera in the system, on a Google Maps type interface with a moveable time window. Over time you can build up a really comprehensive view of an individual's movements.

It must be really hard to be a criminal these days.

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