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Project Resilience

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The Seven Resiliencies

Resiliencies are the strengths that are developed in the struggle with hardship. The seven resiliencies are a vocabulary of strengths that was developed from the research done by Project Resilience. The seven resiliencies are the framework fortalking about strengths. They are:

Insight - asking tough questions and giving honest answers.

Independence - distancing emotionally and physically from the sources of trouble in one's life.

Relationships - making fulfilling connections to other people.

Initiative - taking charge of problems.

Creativity - using imagination and expressing oneself in art forms.

Humor - finding the comic in the tragic.

Morality - acting on the basis of conscience rather than self-interest or practical considerations.

The seven resiliencies are tools to be used by teachers, clinicians, and prevention workers. They serve as a guide, or a kind of mental map to help you know where to look for strengths so that you can talk about them. James' Story focuses on the resilience of insight.

I wonder if hardship is just a bigger form of stress?

Hardship is a condition and stress is a reaction.  Resilience is what we develop to prevent the hardship from becoming an overwhelming and incapacitating stress.

Thanks Geege -- that helps me understand the distinction.

Yes, that makes all the distinctions extremely clear!

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