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No human being is illegal.

As talk of immigration reform continues in full speed, a new concern arises. Talks of whether or not the term “illegal immigrant” can be considered as a racial or ethnic slur encourages wide spread discussion and debate among news networks across the nation.


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Is this the crux of it?

"Second, the term has become so overused by those advocating hard-line, enforcement only immigration reforms that some equate “illegal immigrant” with “criminal immigrant.” Most have probably seen the signs that read, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?!” Unfortunately, these people have confused undocumented status—a violation of the civil immigration laws—with criminal behavior. Presence alone in the United States in violation of the immigration laws is not a crime. That is not to say there are not serious consequences, including fines, deportation/removal, and reentry bars, but it is not a crime as defined by our nation’s criminal statutes."

Illegal refers to the act and not the person.  As a victim of identity theft and all that's involved in cleaning it up, crossing the border and living in the US illegally isn't a victimless crime. Also, it doesn't seem fair to all the people who have chosen to take the legal immigration route.  The US has always accepted immigrants of all types, but all of them registered through a legal process. 

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