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Singularity is beautiful.

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sweet little visual story.

Not quite what I was thinking of when I heard the word "Singularity":

Any idea who the source artist is?

No clue, tineye's reverse image search brings up some results in Asia, but they seem to be doing the same thing the site I grabbed it from is doing, just hosting but no mention of the artist's name. Sad because they did a really good job!

not at all what I was thinking

Found it! It's called "Plato's Symposium".

According to Greek mythology, this is how people were first created. Plato speaking through Aristophanes in The Symposium stated that we now spend our lives in search of the other half.

Source of the art:

Yay Adam!

Now for the best part: where I found this information.

There's a really good xkcd link there ("Soul Mates") as well as a video ("Hedwig and the Angry Inch").


That's almost cheating if you've encountered it before!

I've seen the xkcd before, the song on it is pretty good, too.

It's not cheating -- do you know how hard it is to remember what I've encountered before???

That song from xkcd is awesome! Thanks for sharing...

did you search PW or google and it led you back to PW?

I searched PW for love! And it made me happy!!

happier than this?: tumblr_mi0xr2nojq1ro3pofo1_500.gif"

Few things make me happier than this, Liz.

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