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Kanye West Talks About His Career and Album ‘Yeezus’ -

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There are people who have figured out the exact, you know, Kanye West formula, the mix between “Graduation” and “808s,” and were able to become more successful at it. “Stronger” was the first, like, dance-rap song that resonated to that level, and then “808s” was the first album of that kind, you know? It was the first, like, black new wave album. I didn’t realize I was new wave until this project. Thus my connection with [the graphic designer] Peter Saville, with Raf Simons, with high-end fashion, with minor chords. I hadn’t heard new wave! But I am a black new wave artist.

Kanye also made it fashionable to work with / rip off Daft Punk long before Pharrell was doing it.

you pay royalties to use mix it, right?  he did not rip them off?

True. I'm just saying that Daft Punk brought Harder, Better, and Faster.

The only thing Kayne brought was Stronger. And royalties. Lots of royalties.

Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk gif - PandaWhale


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