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Question Bridge Interactive by Hank Willis Thomas β€” Kickstarter

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Sounds like this could be like quora, but a billion times more personal

the video is pretty interesting, too.

Well, and primarily for black men, at least right now.

"The site’s initial focus is arguably one of the most opaque demographics in America, Black Males. Through the power of questions and answers, myriads of stories and characters will be set free to break the stereotypes of black-male-ness and explore remedies for long ingrained issues caused by this estrangement. In the future we hope to expand the focus to other identity groups."

Yeah, it started off as a video project for Sundance Festival, and then the guys got a brainwave and thought "What if EVERYONE could do this?"Β 

Which is pretty powerful stuff - since I don't think enough people get outside of their own skins long enough to see the humanity of other people as often as they could. The what's common to all of us question and the series of answers on the site is similar to experiences I had in feminism classes where the point was really to explore the root of what it meant and still means to be a woman in different aspects of society. It's the answers that are really neat, and reveal more about the speaker and their lived experiences! (really, I love that one of the guys answered that black men share the same walk - it's got swagger!)

That's cool. I think this is the kind of thing Kickstarter was made for!

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