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First Trailer for J.D. Salinger Documentary Released

First Trailer for J.D. Salinger Documentary Released (Video) #Movies
9:04 PM Jun 13 2013

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J.D. Salinger let them make a documentary about him?!

He died, so I presume that it's a new ball game.  He prohibited movies being made of his BOOKS.  Not sure how the law extends to HIMSELF, posthumously.

It's probably my favorite fiction book.  Given what's been going on in our society in recent years, it makes sense that its popularity would rise.

Be careful. I found "Catcher in the Rye" to be rather sad. Not a happy story.

What was sad about it for you?

What's sad about "Catcher in the Rye" is that Holden Caulfield never leaves room in his heart for love.

He's too busy hating.

Yes, it's a cautionary tale.

Very interesting comments-- I never thought about it that way!  No I never thought about it that way-- I always saw his voice as extremely authentic, if immature.  He may have been authentically negative and complaining, but not hateful, at least as I see it.  I'd like to hear more of what you both have to say, if you care to.

Yes, I read THE BELL JAR, and yes, it was very sad knowing that she wrote that book and ended her life.  For me, reading RYE didn't have that sad feel at all, and I didn't have the feeling that he had "given up" at the end.  I find the idea that  it's a "cautionary tale" intriguing  and I do wonder what others who have read the book think and would be very interested to hear.

I think you're right Agnes.  RYE is not a book that teaches you how to deal with life's problems, and it's message is not uplifting, but is the book IS insightful, and for me, satisfying

Definitely read it, especially now that you're prepared for an ending in which he gives up trying to connect, which is the part to me that is sad.

I didn't see it as a cautionary tale. I saw it as a sad story of someone who gave up trying to connect.

I have had such a different experience.  It's an encouragement to be authentic and to keep on connecting, especially with oneself!  And with others too, like his sister Phoebe, who liked to ask questions.  She was the real hero/heroine.

She was a hero, but I forget how the book leaves it with her.

She's likely to be unhappy when Holden disappears, right?

Amen, Agnes. 

Tina, I read TCITY in early high school (required reading) and my take away was "don't do that!  don't become that!"  Thus, cautionary tale.  I might have had a more nuanced interpretation if I'd read it after I had more life experience.

All: Have you read "She's Come Undone"?

I think I may have read SCU.  If I did, it was so long ago that I don't remember anything about it.

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