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Well, We Just Asked A Bunch Of Big Advertisers What They Think Of Facebook Ads... - Business Insider

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No ouch. It's all true, and this is really just getting started.

Zuckerberg is obsessed with making his users happy, and that's not a bad thing.

Web ads aren't where the real money is going forward; mobile ads are.

And Facebook's Mobile Sponsored Stories have the potential to be a big winner.

Longer term, Facebook's business model is PayPal, not advertising.

Advertising just pays the bills for now.

Interesting. Makes sense. Paradigm shift is coming and traditional ads may be old hat.

So the question isn't "Can they do ads better than Google?", it's "Can they properly meet the needs of the future?" We'll see.

And by the way, the following companies are racing with them to get there first: Google, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and several Startups no one has heard of yet...

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