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I agree with Candice Rainey. This is a troubling trend away from authenticity:

The first wave of mommy blogs (pre-Facebook) were simple family updates, like year-round Christmas letters. The second wave were confessional soap boxes for mothers with dirty laundry to air (like, attracting devoted readerships, advertising dollars and eventually public mimicry.

The third, it seems, are jaw-droppingly art-directed, sort of like a glossy fashion magazine on the newsstand.

“I don’t give any motherhood advice or anything, it’s purely aesthetic,” said Ms. Restoin Roitfeld, 32, adding that she was urged by her mother to pursue the blog when they were vacationing together in August.

I blame Pinterest. It turned many of the mommy bloggers into catalog designers.

is there an industry term for bad, insignificant content?  "95%" ?

No industry term I'm aware of besides "filler" and "content farm".

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