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Like Bruce Lee but without the Klout

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Messing around with Klout on Sunday, I was a "36" Socializer. I logged back in today and now I'm a "24" Explorer. I still have my "30's" achievement, but I didn't realize that Klout scores vary that much from day to day.

I did get a 500 server error the first 4 times I tried to login....anyone else?


How's your Klout now?

As high as 54 in last 90 days, down to 47, dropped 1 point in past 24 hours.  I think they just had a temporary signup issue that they fixed.  I had just forgot which account I signed up with, Twitter or Facebook, even though both were listed for the account. 

I get Klout errors all the time.

It is, without a doubt, the World's Stupidest Game.

(And I say this having tried most Zynga titles.)

So we're back to Reasons Not To Klout number 151 and 152: it fails all the time, and it's dumb. Really, really dumb.

A game where the opponent is unknown and the rules constantly shift from underneath you....

Yes! A game where you want to bring in a two-handed longsword and CLANG whoever the heck it is came up with this infuriating idea in the first place.

I sincerely hope they're making no money so Google can buy them and shut them down.

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