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Science Brings Us Closer to Digital Immortality and The Singularity

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Take my brain .... please.

"Mind uploading

The conference took a surreal turn when Martine Rothblatt — a lawyer, author and entrepreneur, and CEO of biotechicon1.png company United Therapeutics Corp. — took the stage. Even the title of Rothblatt's talk was provocative: "The Purpose of Biotechnology is the End of Death."

"Rothblatt introduced the concept of "mindclones" — digital versions of humans that can live forever. She described how the mind clones are created from a "mindfile," a sort of online repository of our personalities, which she argued humans already have (in the form of Facebook, for example)." <me: that's a stretch!>

"This mindfile would be run on 'mindware,' a kind of software for consciousness. 'The first company that develops mindware will have [as much success as] a thousand Googles,' Rothblatt said." <ya think?>

"But would such a mindclone be alive? Rothblatt thinks so. She cited one definition of life as a self-replicating code that maintains itself against disorder. Some critics have shunned what Rothblatt called 'spooky Cartesian dualism,' arguing that the mind must be embedded in biology. On the contrary, software and hardware are as good as wet ware, or biological materials, she argued."

<shudder mine>

read some Charles Stross or Richard K Morgan

Oh, all right.


Thanks, Jared.

Life = Self-Replicating Code that maintains itself against disorder ... But is it intelligent?

What is life gif

What is life gif

Not bad for a human. :)

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