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Raising Money 101: It’s a Selling Moment | TechCrunch

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You also have to convince your investors that you have the courage of your convictions. We want to know if you’re the kind of leader who will break through barriers and keep going despite countless setbacks. You’re going to face a lot of rejection and you need to be fearless.

Now even though I’ve just said you have to break through barriers, the catch is that I don’t want you to be hard-headed.

We want people who are convinced they have an answer, but not operating with the belief that they have all the answers. There’s a difference. Good sales people are good listeners, naturally inquisitive and they actively ask their buyers for feedback. After your next pitch, try asking the firm’s partners what they think.

Surprisingly, very few ask that question, but it is a question that signifies the entrepreneur who is flexible, self-aware, and would probably make a good partner. Don’t be afraid – you might be surprised with what you hear and you’ll probably glean some useful insights that will make your next presentation even stronger.

Finally, ask about next steps and send a follow-up note. I’m always shocked with the lack of follow up from entrepreneurs who have come in and pitched me, but leave it in my court to follow up.


The photo choice for the article is interesting.

Interesting how? It's a "Death of a Salesman" poster.

Not very subtle. ;)

Not subtle at all. :)

"Interesting" is something of a filler word that I use as a wildcard; in this case interesting I might mean "funny" or "painful" or "fascinating" or that stray thought "Yes, raising money from VCs is something like dying ... so that you might be resurrected on the winds of your incredible team, traction and extraordinary success..."... or maybe all of those things rolled up into one...


Well, the play did just win a Tony Award for best revival.

It's really hard to find good pictures for articles, as you've no doubt learned when looking for images for your stashes! :)

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