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James Gandolfini and Tony Soprano gifs

Tony Soprano smoking cigar gif James Gandolfini

tony soprano smiling walking gif James Gandolfini Imgur

tony soprano fuckin internet gif James Gandolfini

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James Gandolfini, we salute you.

Tony Soprano this says with pulp gif James Gandolfini orange juice

So many memories!

Tony Soprano Ill tell you one thing gif James Gandolfini

Tony Soprano ex-commando gif James Gandolfini

Tony Soprano Carmela something I gotta confess gif James Gandolfini

tony soprano christopher gif

dr melfi prostate exam gif Sopranos

tony soprano is everything about everyone really about their mothers gif Dr Melfi Sopranos

I'll never see James Gandolfini without thinking of this.

Al Pacino they pull me back in gif Godfather III Michael Corleone

Dr. Jennifer Melfi: It sounds to me like Anthony Jr. may have stumbled onto existentialism. 

Tony Soprano: Fucking Internet.

Final scene of the Sopranos:

Final scene of the Sopranos at Holsten's, the venue where the final scene of The Sopranos was shot, a final tribute to James Gandolfini Imgur

Actually, this is the final scene:

sopranos final scene gif

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