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Paula Deen’s racism isn’t shocking at all -

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I can excuse some of the logic, but that's because i have a high tolerance for racial insensitivity (when it has an underlying awareness of actual racial inequity) and believe most initial politically-correct gasps are a little too White Guilt-conscious. I'm colored/ethnic folk! And being ethnic is funny in this world.

On the deep research/collection tip, the most thorough list I've seen to date (and I don't really go looking); quite a holy grail of racisprudence:

"This is a resource post for all the Good White Persons out there. You know, the ones who say things like “It’s not my fault I’m white! Don’t generalize white people!”, or “I’m appreciating your culture! You should be proud!”, or “Why do you hate all white people, look I’m a special snowflake who’s not racist give me an award for meeting the minimum requirements for being a decent human being”."

Categories include:

On White Privilege aka don’t blame me just because I’m white

On Reverse Racism aka you are being racist against white people:

On Cultural Appropriation aka I’m just appreciating your culture:

Assorted Vials of White Tears and Miscellaneous Antidotes aka I can’t change that I’m white/not all whites are racist/we are all humans:

It's sad that Paula Deen's racism is not shocking.

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