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My worst fear for Star Wars Episode VII: Justin Bieber as Luke Skywalker, Selena Gomez as Princess Leia, and Zac Efron as Han Solo. Noooooo!

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I'd rather the entire movie be about ewoks than for this to happen.


Marty McFly NO gif - PandaWhale

I  agree with Happy Dog... seriously.. don't even joke

First someone puts it on the Internet and then someone from Disney sees it and says, "Hey! That's a great idea!! Get Bieber's agent on the phone........"

**shudder** as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror 

Hey, maybe they'll get Bieber to play Princess Leia as illustrated below...

Star Wars Ep. VII: High School Musical IV: A New Nope

My Worst Fear for Star Wars Episode VII Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Zac Efron

let's go with unknowns with talent.

Yes please! For Star Wars 7 and Back to the Future 4, too:

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