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The one cost engineers and product managers don't consider

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"Embrace simplicity in your product and in your code. The value is in what gets used, not what gets built. 

Embrace simplicity even in your communication. Push out a culture of jargon, acronyms and puffed-up descriptions of things. Celebrate simple, effective communication. Your best people can explain to a child everything that your organization does. Your worst people are the ones who sound smart and official at the expense of being widely understood. "Read more:

This is excellent:

The work of implementing a feature initially is often a tiny fraction of the work to support that feature over the lifetime of a product, and yes, we can "just" code any logic someone dreams up. What might take two weeks right now adds a marginal cost to every engineering project we'll take on in this product in the future. In fact, I'd argue that the initial time spent implementing a feature is one of the least interesting data points to consider when weighing the cost and benefit of a feature.

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