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The Founder of a Huge Marijuana Dispensary Told Us About Life At The Center Of A Gold Rush

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Khalatbari's business serves as an exemplary model for what the future of marijuana can look like in the United States.

He's a tax-paying marijuana retailer, a prominent community member, and built his businesses from scratch. He's also helping out novice members of the industry through Denver Relief Consulting, and is an excellent source of information on the state of marijuana in America.

He told us what it's like on the ground floor of the gold rush going on in the Rockies.

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Finally, "Marijuana Tourism" explained.   Excellent interview!

I don't get marijuana tourism.

Even if you vacation in Denver your workplace will test you in a place that's not Denver.

Retirees, students .....

Not students. We don't want to encourage them. Stick to retirees.

"BI: How do you navigate the Federal government?

KK: We just actually lost our bank account, four years of being with the company BBVA Compass. They sent us a letter and told us we had thirty days to get the hell out, even though I have accounts with Denver Relief, Denver Relief Consulting, both my pizzerias, my investment company and my property company, my personal accounts. As a result they’re probably going to lose around five to six million dollars in revenue a year."

That's A LOT of pizza.

Geez. Remind me again what the barrier to legalizing it federally is?