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Michael Ardan: What Happened When I Hit On a Hot Guy... And Not on Grindr

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"In this crazy world where impersonal tools like Grindr and (God forbid) Craigslist all too often replace real, human connections, I had swallowed my pride and hit on a hot stranger, which had given me the confidence to do it all over again next time, and I hadn't even so much as glanced at my Blackberry. That, to me, is a victory in itself. This is how meeting people is supposed to go. We stumble along the way, we end up with a few crazy stories, and eventually we get back up and do it all over again until the odds finally tip in our favor. It's all about the journey. Think about that the next time you find yourself tempted to give in to the ease and accessibility of handing over your sex life to an app."

Internet dating can work, but like all dating I think over time with someone how you met gets outweighed by the fact that you managed to meet at all and stick it through.

He's right. The real world is the place for real interactions.

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