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JaHOVA OS - JavaScript and HTML5 OS (!!!) by @GameTheoryLabs

Source: JaHOVA OS

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The idea sounds borderline crazy, but it's fascinating and inspiring nonetheless!

Excerpt from the website:

JaHOVA OS is a JavaScript and HTML5 based online operating system. JaHOVA is plug-in free operating system that can be used inside of existing modern browsers. One of JaHOVA OSs main features is a modular extensible design that allows for integrating current web technologies, but also allows for a streamlined interface to expand as technology changes. Since JaHOVA uses standard web technologies it is plug-in free, thereby allowing for use on any platform/device that can run a modern browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and possibly IE).

The "and possibly IE" bit is probably the best part :)

They've also got a server-side module built in node.js.

Another vid on multithreaded physics:

An OS inside a browser running on a different OS ?!

If someone could build a browser to run in that OS inside a browser, we'd enjoy a nice little Inception moment.

I'm not certain why Corey Clark wants to build a "DHTML5" OS, nor am I sure what the market there is for such a product, but I do believe that there are many interesting things to be learned from such a quixotic undertaking.

It's also interesting to see an academic working with nodejs + webgl and actually getting somewhere with it.

I'm going to watch this project and see where it goes. There are so many exciting things happening with next-gen web. We're only just working out what sorts of things are possible with these new technologies -- we haven't even begun to see what viable products might eventually come from them.

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