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Plans for Solar Cookers -- The Solar Cooking Archive

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Some of these things look like you could track radio signals with them, but they're just intended to help you cheaply cook in the summer!

These are cool indeed... I don't have one. But getting off the grid really intrigues me. 

I just want to make chile verde, peach cobbler, and ratatouille without heating up my kitchen!

My husband feels the same way. He wants me to do my canning outside. I said, um, no. 

I appreciate that canning is a kitchen heater, but I have my system, and there's food and people safety. He wants me to do it on the grill and an outdoor, no... 

Why does someone need to be at least 25 to use this solar heater?

So they have enough years remaining to wait for the food. This isn't a retirement project... 

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