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Looking for an Accountant

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In the spirit of the Looking for a Lawyer thread, can anyone recommend an accountant?

I have an "okay" tax accountant now, but thinking of switching Especially if someone can recommend an accountant who eyes emanate rainbows and whose every footstep leaves a trail of honeydew petals. Lacking that, someone who can do my taxes and send me pdfs instead of hardcopies would be nice.

Remember the old engineer triad of fast, cheap, and good and how you can only choose two out of three?

When it comes to accountants, definitely choose GOOD.

If you prefer FAST over CHEAP, go with a firm -- either one of the Big 4, or a Big Regional firm. Use LinkedIn to find someone at one of those places.

If you prefer CHEAP over FAST, go with an individual contractor. Again, LinkedIn is handy for finding them, and be sure to check references.

I'd be happy to make a recommendation or two offline if you tell me if you prefer FAST or CHEAP.

But definitely choose GOOD.

Great summary!

good and cheap sounds about right for me now. Just me and my shell LLC. Not super complicated.

I know just the person. To the Bat Cave!!

(Or in this case, to gmail...)

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